Consett community
Consett community

We are all horrified by the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine, and I personally felt powerless and upset, but really wanted to do something to help.

My friends, Ruth Foreman and Tanya Mitchell were a step ahead of me, and suggested that we organise a fundraiser this Saturday (12th of March), and channel our energies into a force for good. The response from everyone we have told has been unbelievable!

This Saturday, there will be a Consett for Ukraine event. We are creating a ‘pop up café’ where people can drop in, have coffee and cake, and crafts for the kids. Children will be able to plant a sunflower to take home; we hope that when the sunflowers bloom in summer, there will be peace… (Seeds and pots have already been donated by a local nursery!)

The event asks for donations only which means the Consett community – which has already been hit hard with the rising cost of living – can give what they can afford and feel they can contribute in whatever way they can. The event is being promoted in every church in Consett, and plans are moving fast as momentum gathers behind this initiative.

#StandWithUkrain #ConsettforUkraine

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