Still scratching your head about what you can do with your spare bedroom? Whether one of your kids has moved out or you’ve just bought a house that has one too many rooms, here are a few ways you can optimise it and get the most out of your house. 

Walk in wardrobe

Are you still going through your overloaded wardrobe to find that particular T-shirt or pair of trousers every morning? Sometimes, we don’t have enough room in our bedrooms to house all our clothes, but with a room free, why not transform it into your very own walk-in wardrobe?

The most personal room in the whole house, you can design this exactly as you like and indulge your practical, organisational side. This is a room for you, so don’t let your personality shine with some cutesy décor, innovative storage solutions or some accessories to make it extra special. 

Home office

Probably the most popular addition to the average home since the pandemic, the home office isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. With many of us working all or part-time at home, setting up a home office is a fantastic way to work comfortably and efficiently.

Say goodbye to sharing the dining table with the whole family and enjoy your own secluded space that is optimised with a monitor, keyboard and a specially designed chair to support your body as you work. Don’t forget to add some plants and some soft textures to keep it homey too. 

Home gym

Since the pandemic, many of us have realised how much cheaper and more convenient it is to do workouts at home. Depending on what you like to do at the gym, invest in some quality gym equipment, press play on a Youtube workout video and stay fit without having to leave the house or pay eyewatering membership fees.

Game room

Sick of hearing video game sound effects reverberate throughout the house? Use your spare room to create a video gaming den away from the main activity of the house. This way gamers can be left undisturbed and you can go about your daily business in peace.

Rent it out

If none of you has any need for some extra space, why not make a bit of money out of your spare room? With so many rental sites available, it’s easier than ever to rent out your room for short or even long-term guests. 

In order to make the room more appealing, paint it a neutral colour, make it snug and welcoming with plenty of fuzzy throws and blankets, and add plenty of potted plants to bring the room to life. Warning: whoever stays there might never want to leave!

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