As a salon owner in Consett, you’re always on the lookout for ways to make more money and expand your business. The year 2023 could be your opportunity to take your salon to the next level! Here are some tips to help you get started.

Growing your client base

It can be hard to attract new clients, but the technological age we live in can be used to your advantage. 

Social media is a cheap way to boost your profile and reach potential new clients. By posting regularly and showcasing your skills, you are offering a snapshot of your work. You could consider posting before and after photos with your client’s permission, or short videos showing how you work. Potential clients will be able to view these and get a feel for the sort of stylists you have. 

Traditional marketing strategies still do have a place in business. By handing out flyers you are giving potential clients a personal touch as they will get to meet you and start to build rapport. Your flyers could contain a discount code for their first visit, or a free service when combined with another.

If you wanted to combine social media and leafleting, you may want to run a competition online where people have to complete certain actions to be in with a chance to win a free service or experience at your salon. 

Expand your services

Keeping on top of beauty trends can be a great way to stay relevant. Bundling services together means your salon can become a one-stop place for self-pampering. 

There is a growing demand for other services such as keratin treatments, makeup services and nail services. To gauge whether these extras are worth investing in, you could do a short survey with your existing clients to see if they are interested.

Learning to do acrylic nail sets can be relatively cheap with a huge return. Many clients get their nails done regularly as these nails last for roughly 6 weeks, but will need infills done every 2 – though this does depend on how quickly your client’s nails grow. 

Encourage your clients to visit more often 

Getting new clients is great but it is important to retain the clients you do have. Rewarding them for their loyalty to you is a great incentive to stay at your salon.

By giving your clients physical stamp cards, they will carry that around with them and it will serve as a visual reminder about your business. 

Invest in your staff

Your staff are the lifeblood of your salon as without them you wouldn’t be able to service all the clients that you do. 

Making time to reward and invest in your staff is a good way to keep morale up. Happy staff reflects in the mood of your customers. By investing in their future, they are more likely to stay with the business rather than seek better opportunities. By upskilling your workers, you are also investing in your business as you will be able to utilise their newfound skills. 

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