Richard Holden, Member of Parliament for North West Durham, paid a visit to Knitsley Farm Shop to offer his congratulations to Rachel Jewson and her family for receiving ‘Highly Commended’ in the Countryside Alliance’s ‘Rural Oscars’.

These awards celebrate rural businesses that go the extra mile, support their local economy, and are the unsung heroes in local businesses. The Highly Commended businesses were chosen by public vote. Over 40,000 votes were cast this year, so their success is a testament to their widespread popularity in our local community.

This award recognises the tremendous contribution they make to our local towns and villages. Whilst supporting local businesses financially is the most important thing, these awards are an additional way of shining a light on the critical role they play in our community.

As soon as Richard was made aware that Knitsley Farm Shop was in the running, he promoted the business on his local social media and encouraged constituents to back the family business for the award.

Far too often, great work goes unnoticed. These awards are so important to celebrate places like Knitsley Farm Shop, through whose hard work, high skills and tasty produce they do so much to keep rural life ticking.

Without places like Knitsley Farm Shop, rural life would be all the poorer for it.

Richard Holden MP eating latticed sausage roll outside Knitsley Farm Shop

“Every time I go I’m blown away by the quality of the produce, both in the shop, the cafe and in the butchers. I’m a huge fan of the latticed sausage rolls and the joint I recently picked up made even my cooking taste great!

“It is so important to support local businesses, but having places like Knitsley farm shop on my doorstep makes it so easy. Thanks so much to Rachel, Edward and the family for their hard work down in Knitsley. It’s because of the efforts of good people like the Jewsons that our area is so special. I’m so glad that they have received the recognition she deserves.

“North West Durham is the country’s best kept secret. Our local towns and villages are packed full of fabulous pubs and cafes that should receive more recognition like this for all the outstanding work they every day.”

Richard Holden MP

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