Let’s be honest, if there is one part of the home that you don’t check every day, it’s the roof. Your roof serves a very simple purpose – to protect you and your loved ones.

Because of this, it’s vital paying close attention to it so you can assess the structure, look for signs of wear and tear, and ultimately, keep everyone living in your abode safe.

Checking your roof twice a year for signs of damage is strongly advised. Once you’re next up there, look out for any of the warning signs below as they may indicate it’s time to replace your roof for good.

Water Damage

If you have spotted signs of water damage in the upper rooms in your property, this could be a signal your roof needs replacing. Damp spots or water marks could be a sign of damp or a leaky window.

However, don’t just assume that is the case. If you notice signs of water getting in, your first step should be to check the roof. When it’s raining, get into the loft and look and feel around for any signs of water coming in. If it’s time to bring in the experts, you can use MyBuilder to post your job and find a roofer. They only house the most experienced roofers, so you can be confident you’ve got the right person for the replacement. 

Light Seeping In

Head into your loft space and don’t switch on the light. If you feel a breeze or see sunlight, these are clear signs there are holes or cracks in your roof. You shouldn’t ignore this problem! Instead, find the source and examine whether the gaps can be fixed or if it’s time for an extensive roof replacement project. The best time to check for light pouring in is sunset as it’ll be dark enough inside with the lights out yet bright enough outdoors for you to check if light is coming through. 

Moss and Mould Growth

Another thing to look out for is moss and mould growth. If they’ve grown outside your roof, you may find your tiles force themselves apart. This can create a gap that lets water seep in. Inspect your roof and look for any tiles that show signs of moss, mildew or rotting. You should deal with this problem as quickly as possible. If you don’t, fungi and bacteria can quickly grow and cause extensive water damage to your roof. 

Loose Roof Tiles

During your bi-annual roof check, look to see if any of your roof tiles are loose. To do this, simply step on them and check their current state. You will know instantly if repairs are in order. Loose roof tiles can be a real hazard. The last thing you want is to be outside enjoying your garden and have a slate fall off can cause an injury! What’s more, a weak roof with damaged or missing tiles could cave in when you least expect it. 

A waterproof roof over your head is a core element of a cosy home. If your roof isn’t sound, it can lead to numerous problems from damp to rot. All roofs need replacing at some point, so if you’re not sure when to do just that, the warning signs above should point you in the right direction and make you take action. 

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