Watling Woods, a beloved woodland area in Durham, is under threat from Calibrate, a company seeking to build a new factory and road in the area. The company’s plans would require chopping down a significant portion of the woods, jeopardizing the ecosystem and natural beauty of the area. The planning application can be found on the Durham County Council website.

It is vital that as many people as possible voice their objection to the proposed plans. Even a simple email stating “please leave Watling Woods alone” can make a significant impact. You can also share why you love the woods and what you do there to highlight the importance of preserving this valuable green space.

The years of hard work put in by local people to plant and care for the woodland, as well as the fight to protect it from Calibrate’s plans, must not go to waste. We must unite to protect Watling Woods for future generations to enjoy.

Please email Planning@Durham.gov.uk and quote Planning Application (DM/22/03331/OUT) to express your objection. Let us work together to ensure that Watling Woods remains a beautiful and vital natural resource for our community.

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