Embark on a spiritual journey with the Northern Saints from Monday, 22nd May to Friday, 26th May, 2023 at Minsteracres.

Follow in the footsteps of iconic figures such as Aidan, Cuthbert, Oswald, Hilde and Bede, and discover their spirituality and motivation, early Celtic beliefs and visit the places where they lived out their faith. Explore Holy Island, Bamburgh, Durham and Hadrian’s Wall with our expert guides.

Monday, 22nd May:

Arrival, welcome and introductions

Tuesday, 23rd May:

Explore Holy Island and Bamburgh, and discover their associations with St Cuthbert, St Aidan, and St/King Oswald.

Wednesday, 24th May:

Visit Whitby and the remains of the Priory associated with St Hilda and the Synod of Whitby. Entry to the Priory/Museum requires a small charge.

Thursday, 25th May:

Visit Jarrow Hall/Bede Museum and St Pauls, which have associations particularly with St Bede. Followed by a trip to Durham Cathedral, where you can explore its associations with St Cuthbert and St Bede. There will be an opportunity to visit the new Monastic Museum.

Friday, 26th May:

Visit Heavenfield, the site of the battle associated with King Oswald on the Roman Wall, and Hexham Abbey with associations to St Wilfrid.

Make sure to bring suitable clothing for outdoor visits in case of poor weather. If you have a bus pass, please bring it along for the visit to Durham. Membership of English Heritage is useful but not essential for Holy Island. The Jarrow Hall Museum requires a modest charge of approximately £5, and although there is no fixed charge, entering Durham Cathedral now requires a contribution. The Monastery Library Museum also requires an entry fee.

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