The British Royal Family has been a source of inspiration and admiration for many people worldwide.

As King Charles’ Coronation ceremony is coming up this weekend, we have decided to share a few fun facts about the Royals that you may not know, as they might not be something you would normally read in a newspaper or on your social media feed.

From their stately homes to their glamorous events like weddings and birthdays, there is so much that you can learn about the Royal Family. Some of these facts might surprise you, while others might be interesting to read about. 

King Charles III Is Passionate About Arts And Music

Firstly, we’re going to take a closer look at some of King Charles’ hobbies and interests that you may not know about. For example, not many people may be aware of the fact that the new monarch loves art and music. In the aftermath of succeeding his mother Queen Elizabeth II, he often quoted Shakespeare. Moreover, he can play the piano, cello, and trumpet and has even appeared in a few theatrical productions. The new King also appreciates opera and classical music and has pointed out that Leonard Cohen is one of his favourites. As a keen painter, he also had a watercolour displayed in the Royal Academy’s summer exhibition of 1987.

The Royals Love Travelling Around The World

As part of their public duties, members of the Royal Family often travel to different countries around the world. They are also known to have a few favourite holiday destinations where they like to take part in various activities, such as skiing and hiking. In fact, during her 70-year reign, Queen Elizabeth II went on 22 official visits to Canada, which became the Commonwealth country she visited the most. This is according to Royal Family Data analysed by Audley Travel. As a result, she experienced traditional ceremonies and took part in the country’s most important celebrations. 

Queen Elizabeth II Used To Wear Bright Colours

The Queen was often spotted wearing bright colours and you may be wondering what is behind her coloured outfits. The reason for this preference in attire is simple and it’s because this way she would be easier to spot in the crowd. As a result, staff would be able to find her more easily at big events and celebrations. It was important that she stood out at all times and thus her most loyal followers would always be able to notice her.

Royals Aren’t Allowed To Sign Autographs

If you have ever wanted to get an autograph from a member of the Royal family, you might be disappointed to find out that Royals are actually not allowed to sign autographs. While celebrities are often seen signing pictures of themselves and giving them to fans, different rules apply for the Royals. This is because they want to prevent people from trying to forge their signatures. However, in 2010 it was revealed that Charles signed autographs for victims of a flood in Cornwall.

Kings And Queens Celebrate Two Birthdays

Another little known fact is that Kings and Queens actually have two birthdays. Although this might seem impossible or hard to understand, there is an interesting reason for this. Typically, a monarch’s birthday is celebrated by a parade known as Trooping the Colour. However, Edward VII’s birthday was in November and he decided that it would be too cold to celebrate, so he moved his birthday to a date in June. It was the same with Queen Elizabeth who used to celebrate her birthday privately on April 21, but she would recognise this milestone with the public on the second Saturday of June.

A Queen’s Husband Doesn’t Become A King

You may have noticed that when Charles became King, his wife Camilla was given the title of Queen. It will be the same when Prince William is crowned. Then, his wife Kate will also become a Queen. However, when a man marries a Queen, he doesn’t become King. This is why, Prince Philip who was Queen Elizabeth’s husband never became King. The reason for this longstanding rule in the Royal Family is because the title of King is only ever given to someone who inherits the throne.

Royals Stay Out Of Politics 

Royals are also not supposed to express any political ideas and views. They also shouldn’t say that they support a certain political party. While they are allowed to vote in elections, they typically stay out of it, as it’s important for them to remain impartial. Moreover, they should avoid giving their personal opinions on different issues and topics. Nevertheless, there have been times when members of the Royal Family have struggled to follow this rule.

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