Woof woof! My name is Max and I just got back from an amazing stay at Stonecellar Doggy Day Care and Hotel. Let me tell you, it was pawsome!

My human had to go out to work for the day and I didn’t want to be left alone at home, so they decided to book me in for a full day at Stonecellar. As soon as we arrived, I could tell it was going to be a fun day. The staff were so friendly and welcoming, they even gave me a couple of treats and a belly rub.

The indoor play area was huge! There were so many toys to play with, tunnels to run through, and even a ball pool. I met some new doggy friends and we played and played until we were exhausted. But don’t worry, there were plenty of comfy beds and a large leather sofa for us to rest on when we needed a break.

Later in the day, we got to go outside and play in the sunshine. The outdoor play area was just as fun as the indoor one, with mountains of toys to choose from. I even heard the staff talking about setting up some water pools for us to cool off in when the weather gets warmer.

The best part about Stonecellar is that they only take up to 10 dogs at one time, so it never feels too crowded or overwhelming. And with two staff members always on hand, I always felt safe and looked after.

My human picked me up at the end of the day and they were so happy to see how tired and content I was. They even signed me up for a regular slot, which means we get a discount on future visits!

Overall, my stay at Stonecellar was a tail-wagging success. I can’t wait to go back and play with all my furry friends again soon. Thanks Stonecellar Doggy Day Care and Hotel for a woof-tastic time!

Stonecellar Doggy Daycare & Hotel, Waskerley, Consett, Co. Durham DH8 9DD
07774 517 982
07710 652 163

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