Dear Consett Community, welcome to the May 2024 edition of Consett Magazine, where we celebrate the blossoms of community spirit and the deep roots of our local heritage. This month, we explore the diverse talents and stories that make our town unique, from artisan jewellers to adventurous globe-trotters.

In this edition, our cover story celebrates Robert Lee, a master dry stone waller from Castleside, whose craftsmanship in using local stone shapes the enduring landscape of Consett and beyond into Weardale. Captured by George Ledger for Consett in Focus, Robert’s work, characterised by the robust and traditional technique of dry stonewalling, showcases walls that are aesthetically integral to the Northern terrain and built to last for centuries, outliving many modern constructions.

Also meet Ashley and Jayne, the local jewellery-making duo behind Lulu & Charles. Operating from the comfort of their Consett home, their workshop is cleverly tucked away at the back of a terraced house. This unique space, a veritable treasure trove of creativity, is where they skilfully transform cherished memories into exquisite, meaningful pieces of jewellery. Their story is not just about crafting beautiful items but also about a family business, making their work a valued jewel in the heart of our community.

Lorraine Weightman takes us back to our ancient roots with her article “Second Nature.” Lorraine delves into the enchanting world of Celtic traditions, reminding us of the time when our ancestors celebrated the natural world through festivals like Beltane. Join Lorraine as she reflects on how these age-old customs still resonate with us today, influencing our current celebrations and our connection to nature.

Bob Tridgett, a local garden designer who swapped pharmaceuticals for phloxes, shows us the power of transformation through garden design. Bob creates gardens that beautify and harmonise with their natural surroundings, proving that you can bring your dreams to life with vision and dedication.

From local soil to international soil, Joyce Shaw recounts her vibrant journey to Hungary for an international folk festival. Her story captures the spirit of community and culture, bridging distances and bringing a piece of the world back to Consett.

We also share the heartwarming tale of David Bickle, whose lifelong passion for the sea was celebrated with a special trip to the Port of Tyne, arranged by the care team at Greenways Court. Heartwarming stories like David’s are a testament to the compassionate, community-focused spirit that thrives right here in Consett.

Mikey Fullerton reminds us of the delicate balance between human activity and wildlife through his work in mole catching, a skill passed down through generations, ensuring our local landscapes remain beautiful and functional.

Let’s also turn our attention to St Ives Church in Leadgate. Despite a setback in funding, the community is rallying to preserve this historic site. Join the effort and be a part of shaping its future as a vibrant community hub (see page 16).

We invite and encourage all local writers, photographers, historians, and businesses to contribute to future editions of Consett Magazine. Your stories and insights enrich and help communicate the positive local news happening right here in our community. Get involved, send your submissions to – we can’t wait to hear from you!

We value your support of Consett Magazine. By reading, contributing or advertising you’re helping us to capture local stories and document all the positive things happening right here in Consett, County Durham in 2024.

With heartfelt wishes, we extend our best regards for the month of May,
Barry Kirkham, Marco Elsy, and all those who make Consett Magazine possible

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