Businesses in Consett and Durham now have an incredible opportunity to enhance their operations and drive growth with the help of Firefly New Media UK's services.
Local businesses in Consett and Durham can now access up to £4,000 in grants to enhance their marketing strategies and website development with Firefly New Media UK.

Businesses in Consett and Durham now have an incredible opportunity to enhance their operations and drive growth with the help of Firefly New Media UK’s services. Local enterprises can now access funding that covers 40% of project costs, allowing them to tap into specialised expertise and innovative solutions.

Enhancing Business Capabilities

These grants are designed to offset the costs of engaging external experts who bring specialist knowledge and skills to address critical business needs. Funding can also go towards software and small equipment purchases linked to productivity improvements, carbon emission reductions, or business growth following a Digital Health Check, Energy Audit, or Productivity Improvement Plan.

Firefly Services Eligible for Funding

Local businesses can benefit from a range of services offered by Firefly New Media UK, including:

Web and App Development
Firefly offers comprehensive web and app development services to bolster your online presence. Their team ensures your website is more than just an online brochure – it becomes a vital, customer-attracting asset.

E-Commerce Solutions
With Firefly’s e-commerce solutions, businesses can create digital storefronts that welcome customers just as warmly as physical stores do. Their expertise in conversation optimisation ensures that online sales can soar.

Content Management Systems (CMS)
Firefly’s user-friendly CMS solutions make managing your website’s content easy, allowing you to make updates and add new content without hassle.

User Experience Optimization
Firefly focuses on every step of the customer’s digital journey, from landing on the site to completing a purchase. They ensure a smooth, intuitive experience that keeps customers coming back.

Video Training
Clients of Firefly can benefit from plain-English training videos, empowering them to confidently manage their online presence.

Website Support
Firefly offers round-the-clock security and support to keep your website safe and running smoothly, providing peace of mind and operational reliability.

Marketing and Social Media
Firefly’s marketing strategies are tailored to help businesses work smarter. Their expert team handles everything from content creation to email marketing and paid advertising, ensuring comprehensive support for all your marketing needs.

Grant Details

Grants of between £1,000 and £10,000 are available, with a fixed intervention rate of 40%. These grants aim to generate measurable outcomes, including job creation, productivity improvement, and decarbonisation in County Durham.

Easy 3-Step Grant Process

  1. Application: Fill out a straightforward form with business-related questions and submit your application.
  2. Assessment: Your application will be reviewed, and you will be notified of the outcome.
  3. Approval: Once approved, Firefly will commence the project to enhance your business.

Start Your Journey Today

Businesses in Consett and Durham are encouraged to seize this opportunity to enhance their operations with the support of Firefly New Media UK and the available grant funding. To get started, schedule a free strategy call with a member of Firefly’s UK-based team to discuss your needs and future growth.

For more information, call 01207 438 292 and take the first step towards unlocking your business’s potential.

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