“Say It With Flowers” was the slogan many years ago and Beveridge’s flower shop in Consett has been saying it with flowers for over one hundred years, two of the florists there have 59 years of service between them.

Both Clare Thackeray 34 years experience and Clare Blake 25 years experience are florists producing some fabulous work using only their hands, a pair of scissors and fresh blooms.

As with most things fashions change and floristry is no different. Flowers that were firm favourites in the past have fallen from grace to be replaced by different varieties and it is not just the type of flower that changes but also the style of presentation, many people preferring paper to cellophane around their bouquet and the traditional funeral wreath being replaced by a more modern piece.

The skills of a florist are still in demand today, with flowers being central to so many occasions from birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, funerals or simply to say thank you or brighten up your home and the florist is there to make sure that each piece of work leaving their shop is just right for the customer.

Story and photographs by David Leck, Consett in Focus

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