For over a decade, Bev Younger has been crafting and decorating cakes from her residence in The Dene, Medomsley.

What began as baking treats for loved ones swiftly evolved into a flourishing enterprise. While predominantly self-taught, Bev consistently enhances her expertise through online tutorials and video courses.

2nd March 2024: Consett in Focus (CiF) Work and Trades project – Bev Younger – Celebration Cakemaker, The Dene, Medomsley, Consett, Co. Durham, ENGLAND (Photo by George Ledger Photography)

She has to be meticulously organised to keep control of the many cakes she makes. They normally take 2 days to complete, Day 1 – baking, cooling, and applying a base layer of buttercream, Day 2 is reserved for intricate decoration. To speed up assembly, many of the fondant features are prepared beforehand.

While Bev often devises her own cake designs based on brief descriptions, some projects are intricately personalised to align with the recipient’s passions.

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