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St Mary's Lighthouse

St Mary’s Lighthouse

I awoke to the whistle of the wind through the extractor in my bathroom, my usual Saturday morning haze disturbed quite abruptly by the...
Living By Yourself At A Young Age

Living By Yourself At A Young Age – Pros And Cons

Living By Yourself At A Young Age - Pros And Cons I've often wondered what it's like living by yourself at a young age, and...

Inappropriate Media Influencing Children?

Twerking, troublemakers and terrible tales It has been acknowledged that the media today represents the very things we don't want to see youngsters doing, and...
Online Dating - Consett Dating

Single? Online Dating Guide for Lonely Hearts in Consett

More than ever, people are turning to the internet to find love <3 Online dating is nothing new, websites to help people find love have been...

April Gardening Tips from Briary Garden Services

April again, time to make the most of the longer days and get out into the garden. Work done during fine spells now pays...
Willowburn Skydive

Skydiving for Willowburn

On the 10th May, Abby Sanderson and Glen Haggon from Consett will be freefalling from the clouds at 120MPH from a height of...
Family Fun Day Shotley Bridge Cricket Club

Shotley Bridge Beer Festival

From small beginnings come great things. When Shotley Bridge Cricket Club decided to hold its first beer festival in 2008 it was never expected to...
Grow Your own food

Grow Your Own Food

With money being in shorter supply and the price of food rising, there has never been a better time to start growing vegetables in...
Mr Mixologist

Dan Bowes – Mr Mixologist

What is Mr Mixologist? Mr Mixologist officially launched in November 2014 the 30th to be exact. Way before that Mr Mixologist was just little old...


Children In Need arrived in Durham early this year as a very special football tournament took place at the North Durham Academy in Stanley. The...

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