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autunm equinox leaves

Autumn Equinox

September 23rd is a very special day of the year. This day sees the transition from the completely unpredictable British Summer into the less...
DIY Drill

Home DIY: The Tools You Need To Improve

Do-it-Yourself efforts around the house can help a lot of people to feel more attached to their homes. It's productive, challenging, and in some...
Ask the vet

Ask the Vet – January 2017 – Obesity in Pets

Now that the festive period is over, it’s a great time to start thinking about your pets’ health and wellbeing. Obesity is a HUGE...
Rotary Club of Consett

The Rotary Club of Consett Celebrate a Special Birthday

Harry Gardiner, who celebrated his 90th birthday on Monday April 7th 2014 is seen here at The Rotary Club of Consett's meeting on Tuesday...
Saint Valentine's Day Manager

Saint Valentine’s Day Manager – Lorraine Weightman

Saint Valentine's Day Manager Just as the half price sales are over and things are getting back to normal the shops are filled with red...
Ask the vet

Ask the Vet – December 2016 – Christmas Hazards

and temptations indoors and outside for our pets. Chocolate (especially dark chocolate), raisins (even those in your Christmas cake and mince pies), blue cheese...

NDCS Fund Raising Event Coming Soon

The National Deaf Children's Society are a noble charity which try to raise awareness and help children across the UK who suffer from deafness...
Easter Traditions

Easter Traditions

Easter Traditions The name Easter comes from the Anglo-Saxon name for April, Eostermunath. It's meaning derives from the month of beginnings. In the early years of...
Lorraine Weightman

7th May 1956 – Lorraine Weightman

Diamond Days, Golden Years Sixty years ago this month a baby girl was born in the Richard Murray Hospital in Blackhill. Only daughter to a steelworker...
Alfie's Law

Alfie’s Law

People across the UK are lobbying to introduce stricter sentencing for people charged with animal abuse crimes. Animal abuse is a serious breach of...

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