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‘Consett in Focus’ Post Box Toppers – Noreen Appleby

A post box topper is a hat or bonnet crafted through crochet or knitting, specifically designed for adorning pillar boxes as a form of...

Beautiful Architecture in Europe: Here are Some of Our Favourites!

Europe has been a cradle for some of the world’s most important artistic and architectural movements. If you’d like to see some truly stunning...

John Lough – The Mad Moment that Created an Artistic Genius.

John Graham Lough was born 8 Jan 1798 in Black Hedley near Consett the son of William Lough a local Blacksmith and his wife...

Durham Lumiere Festival

This month plays host to one of the most beautiful experiences ever to grace Durham County with a dazzling light show. Running from 2009 with...

The Consumerist Christmas Tree For Lumiere

You have the chance to help create a major new artwork for a spectacular light festival, The Lumiere Festival on 14 - 17 November. Lumiere...

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