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Bonfire Night Plans for Consett and Stanley

The fifth of November is approaching and Bonfire Night displays have been planned for both Consett and Stanley. In Consett, a fireworks display will be...

Bonfire Night – Lorraine Weightman

Door to door scavenging took place from the 1st of November. With Ducky Apple night in the bag it was now time to give our...

November Editorial

Here is the editorial from our November issue of the Consett Magazine. Enjoy these words with our editor Ivan Laidler.  Happy November, people of Consett! The...

Consett Bonfire Night Event

Consett Bonfire Night Event on remember, remember the 5th of November! If you are in and around the Consett area on bonfire night / Guy...

Issue 4 Editorial – A Word From The Editor

Hello and welcome to the November issue of Consett Magazine. It’s November and winter has well and truly has its grasp on Consett as...

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