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Thursday, February 29, 2024
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First Dates’ Pop Punk and Blink-182 Tribute Band at THE TURF!

Are you ready to dump your all-time low mood and jack up the volume with some high-energy tunes? First Dates, a quartet of punk...

Putting the Community in Community Theatre.

When the curtain fell on Spotlight Community Theatre’s sold out production of Shrek at the Empire, Consett in April, they wasted no time in...

Technology and Terror – How Tech Connects Mankind in the Face...

How Tech Connects Mankind On Friday, as terror attacks rocked Paris and sent France into a state of emergency, technology and social media went into...

Unsociable Social Media

Could you lose your job because of Facebook postings or text messages? The simple answer is yes. It is happening more and more as employees...

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