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Beveridge’s Nursery: Top 5 Tips for a Spectacular Garden Transformation

1. Immerse Yourself in Careful Planning and Design When embarking on your garden transformation journey, meticulous planning and thoughtful design are paramount. At Beveridge's Nursery, our...

Clear Warning Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Roof

Let’s be honest, if there is one part of the home that you don’t check every day, it’s the roof. Your roof serves a...

Consett’s ALT Group Scoops Environmental Award

A community group has won an award for transforming an unused space into an attractive and productive garden. The ATL Group, based in Blackhill, Consett,...

The Monsters in Your Garden

The Monsters in Your Garden As winter’s icy grip weakens, giving in to spring’s inevitable arrival, monsters begin to awaken…some hatch, some crawl out of...

Gardening is Good For Your Health?

A recent study has found the getting down and dirty in your garden is great for your health and personal happiness.  A survey of...

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