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May 2024 Editorial, Consett, County Durham

Dear Consett Community, welcome to the May 2024 edition of Consett Magazine, where we celebrate the blossoms of community spirit and the deep roots...

Support the Restoration of St Ives in Leadgate, Consett

St Ives Church, a cherished cornerstone of the Leadgate community, is at a critical crossroads. Despite the recent setback in securing funding from The...

Join the Effort to Save St Ives: A Plan for Its...

Unfortunately, our recent bid to The Heritage Lottery to fund the major repair to our east wall of St Ives Church failed. However, all is...

Curio Photos of People and Places – Consett Heritage

I, like many others into local heritage, love to buy curios, pictures and postcards of the area. In the past year, I have done...

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