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Just What The Doctor Ordered – Employment Law

We are in a recession aren’t we? Oh yes we really are. For a minute I thought the last six years had just been a...

The Pensions Clock Is Ticking

My article on Pensions Auto Enrolment in February’s Consett Magazine seems to have hit a nerve with employers and employees alike. Some employers have expressed...

Workplace Pensions

Enjoy yourself it’s later than you think by Rob Grinter The Government is introducing major changes to the way employees save for their retirement and...

Looking The Part – Preparing for an Interview

Does it really matter how you dress for an interview these days when most of us like to dress casually whenever we can? From my...

Unsociable Social Media

Could you lose your job because of Facebook postings or text messages? The simple answer is yes. It is happening more and more as employees...

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