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Mobile Phones are Offering Only HALF of the Advertised Software Space

 The eight most popular mobiles phones on the market today 'Which?' magazine ran tests in eight popular mobile phones with a 16GB capacity, because most...

Combining Google and Samsung in to one Android Smartphone

Samsung and Google combined in to one Android Smartphone Samsung Electronics have signed a long-term patent licensing agreement with Google and Ericsson recently. As Samsung's...

The Mobile Phone is Forty Today

Over the past four decades the mobile phone has come a long way. On the 3rd of April 1973 a phone call was made in...

The Vertu Phone

And you thought an iPhone was expensive! A new Android phone has hit the market costing a staggering £6778 from luxury manufacturer Vertu. This new...

A look at the iPhone 5

iPhone 5 article   The moment every Apple fanatic has been waiting for has finally come. The iPhone 5 has now been released to the world...

Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

Samsung’s new Galaxy S3 smart phone had drawn a great deal of attention running up to its recent launch with nearly 10 million pre-orders...

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