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Northern England – By Syd Peck

Northern England - By Syd Peck Steep hills and sudden Gouged by ice, and water-formed - This is no civilized landscape gentle With demesne and orchard And sun-kissed downland...

New Year Resolutions For 2016 – By Syd Peck

A  new year means a new start, almost like a new life. We all make resolutions.  But all my friends and me (and possibly...

Common Expressions With No Common Sense – Syd Peck

In English we use many common expressions which don’t make any sense when you stop to think carefully about them. I offer you five...

Diamond Stream – By Syd Peck

The fresh-washed charm of this stream Is a girl in her first dress in spring, Free to sway and laugh and sing: Her first dance after the...

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