On Saturday the 19th of October two Consett residents are trying to help armed forces charity Help for Heroes at the Blackhill Baptist Help for heroes Church. Colin Richardson and Diane Rutter are looking for a good turn out to help raise money for this important charity to help provide support for the numerous Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. So many soldiers who have put their own life on the line for their brothers in arms and these courageous people need support on arrival back in the UK.

Help for Heroes don’t look at the causes of war and the circumstances of battle but prefer to focus on the people who tirelessly serve in this country’s armed forces. With time we are learning that combat can have some significant effects on mental health and there isn’t currently an efficient network of support for sufferers of post traumatic stress disorder and other problems caused due to going into war.

This fund raiser will be a great chance for the people of the local to get together and raise some well needed money for a noble cause. Be sure to go down to Blackhill Baptists Church to support this local fund raising effort which can help to bring a better life to combat veterans across the country.

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