Gene Identified as possible cause of binge drinking in young adults.Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is a term used to describe those who excessively drink often with the goal of getting drunk quickly. A new study out today shows this  behavior may be genetic!

The study on 663 teenage boys has identified a gene called RASGRF-2 as one of many genes held responsible for the episodic drinking the PNAS journal reports.

The study involved a series of tests designed to induce the ventral striatum (the pleasure center) which is the part of the brain that releases dopamine. The 14 year old boys were found to have more activity in those regions after anticipating reward.

This appears to be one gene that regulates how rewarding alcohol is for some people

Lead researcher Prof Gunter Schumann says that they cannot prove that it is solely this gene which causes binge drinking and is most likely environmental and other factors that contribute to the behavior, he also stated that further research is needed in order to understand why the reward center of the test subjects brains are stimulated by alcohol.

Over 5000 teenagers are admitted to hospitals within the UK for alcohol-related issues.

We want to know what you think? Is it just that kids are brought up in a world where getting drunk is just part of “it”? or is it an illness they can’t avoid? Comment below!


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