Breaking News: Consett to Newcastle Railway Link to Open

NOTE: This story is from 2016 on April Fools’ day. We jokingly made the story, but now it could become a reality after the North West Durham MP Richard Holden raised the issue in prime minister’s questions.

New Railway Link will Link Consett with Newcastle

Residents of Consett are today waking to the news that the Derwent Walk is to once again be reopened and turned into a railway link for residents to the Metro Centre and Newcastle City Centre.

As Consett grows , the railway link will allow residents to commute quickly into Newcastle and Gateshead.

The move is part of a major regeneration project for Consett, Co.Durham.

Officials have said, “Residents will benefit from superfast journeys from Consett to major transport hubs in: Gateshead, the Metro Centre, and Newcastle Central Station.”

Work on the new railway link is expected to start in early 2017.

[Disclaimer: This article was published on April 1st 2016 😉 ]



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  1. yeah of course april fools! there is no way that Durham Council would spend so much money on consett and rail links, if anything they are more likely to cut the number of buses linking to Gateshead than improve links.

  2. Perhaps this would be a funny April Fool’s joke if it was a joke. Our public transport up here is a farce and this just rubs salt into the wounds. Every week I have to travel to the other side of Newcastle from The Dene by public transport to take my wife to a doctor. There is one bus per hour that goes from here and misses the newcastle bus by 5 minutes from Medomsley. The rail services were dismantled by a scheming government in order to weaken the steel and mining industries and maybe, just maybe people should be thinking “What can we do to correct that wrong?”. A public transport infrastructure that is not a joke would be a start.
    So rather than leading people on with misleading “hilarious” but in reality depressing articles like this, you should perhaps help local people petition and group for a solution better than watching old people die of cold at bus stops waiting for a bus that comes one time per hour.

  3. A lot of people are getting their hopes up about this and others think it’s an April Fool prank. It would be good to know whether it is truth or fiction.

  4. Actually, yes you have, Consett Magazine. You only have to look at the Facebook comments to realise that. I agree with Cris above that states it just rubs salt into the wounds. Not funny at all.

  5. We can only apologise, if Karen and Cris would like to start a movement for more transport links like this then we’d get behind you and fully support it.

    If anything, I’m glad we have opened this topic up for discussion.

    Kindest regards,

    Consett Magazine

  6. No way will we allow trains past the best housing scheme in the town…The links…
    Stick your trains up your arsenal….

  7. Even though it is an April fools, it should never have been taken up/demolished in the 1st place. Was one hell of a link for all over the north east!

  8. ln many areas after the rails were lifted, the land was sold to the adjoining farms, which would make it very difficult to implement! l visit Perth in Western Australia their system is brilliant, the two way rail link is built on virgin land which runs into Perth and has 4 track road each Side!

  9. I was a railway signalman at Consett. Derwent side rail action group led a excellent campaign to reintroduce a passenger service before the track was lifted.

    Durham county council couldn’t fund the passenger service being reintroduced but the bypass was built from Chester or street to Consett. Totally uneven playing field when it comes to railways.

    Steve Shields saltburn by the sea


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