Consett Table Top Society

Consett Tabletop Games Society meets every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month from 1.00 – 6.00pm in Consett Methodist Church Hall. They play board games and tabletop strategy games such as those in the Warhammer universe. If your experience of board games is limited to Monopoly at Christmas, you’d be amazed at the variety and inventiveness of the games available now.​ Our photographer knows that though these games can become very complex with experience, they are easy to pick up and then can really become involving. The Warhammer models have all been painted by members of the group, which can itself become a very satisfying part of the hobby. The members are also very keen to introduce new players to these games and are also happy for people to bring games they want to play up to the meetings. – Photos by Chris Bruce

Consett & District Model Railway Club

Consett and District Model Railway Club’s goal is to promote and encourage the wonderful hobby of model railways. Whether you are new to model railways, looking to get started or an old pro looking to share your knowledge with like-minded people, this local model railway club has something for everyone. The club was founded in the late 1980’s to encourage members to enjoy and build model layouts and run model trains. They meet at Blackhill Community Centre on Friday evenings from 6pm. They currently have one completed layout as a permanent display and are currently making a second. They used to transport the layouts to various places around the area for shows etc. but at present are more focussed on completing the second layout. Photos by George Ledger

Tetiana (Tanya) Mikhailova – Ukrainian artist and Restorer

​Tetiana (Tanya) Mikhailova is a Ukrainian artist and picture restorer now living in the Consett area. She is carrying on her work here, mainly doing portraits of people and pets at the moment but her landscape work of Eastern Europe is also excellent and visible on her Facebook page Tanya’s Oil Paintings or website The dogs shown here belong to her hosts, Logan, the wolfhound is huge but ever so soft. Tanya has restored numerous paintings and icons in Ukrainian churches and has works in private collections throughout Europe and further afield. Some of her work is in important collections in Ukraine. – Photos by Chris Bruce

‘Consett in Focus’ Documentary Photography Group’

Our next project has started and it’s called ‘Consett at Play’.
We are going to photograph how the people of Consett spend their leisure time.

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