Discover Durham’s Wonders and Do Durham Differently

In an effort to elevate Durham County’s tourism, a new initiative celebrates the diverse attractions and exceptional experiences Durham offers. The Do Durham Differently campaign invites locals and visitors alike to rediscover the county through fresh eyes, offering an array of activities and sights.

This initiative, a brainchild of Visit County Durham, in collaboration with Durham County Council’s tourism service, is a nod to the county’s best places to visit, eat, and enjoy leisure time in County Durham. It’s a partnership effort, involving key local attractions such as Locomotion, Raby Estates, The Auckland Project, and Beamish, The Living Museum of the North, showcasing the county’s diversity. Consett residents and visitors can look forward to an array of activities: from cycling along picturesque trails to stargazing under clear night skies, and from exploring museums rich in history to savoring exquisite local cuisine.

The Do Durham Differently campaign aims to bring these experiences to the forefront through strategic marketing, including editorials in national media, influencer partnerships, and digital advertising. Building on the success of the Memorable Moments campaign, which significantly boosted tourism revenue and reached over 2.25 million people, Do Durham Differently sets a high bar. It follows the revelation that tourism contributed over £1 billion to Durham’s economy in 2022, marking a milestone achievement.

Spanning from autumn 2023 to spring 2024, the campaign is designed to extend the tourist season, encouraging visitors to explore more of Durham and stay longer. This approach aims to distribute the benefits of tourism throughout the year, rather than concentrating them in the summer months.

Duncan Peake, Interim Chair of Visit County Durham and CEO of Raby Estates, emphasised the importance of continuing the positive trend in Durham’s tourism. He highlighted the diverse attractions the campaign will showcase, from scenic walks along the Durham Heritage Coast to luxurious stays and cultural experiences. Cllr Elizabeth Scott of Durham County Council underlined the economic impact of encouraging longer stays. Overnight visitors, although a smaller fraction of the total tourist count, contribute significantly more per trip, underscoring the campaign’s focus on promoting Durham as an attractive year-round destination.

The Do Durham Differently campaign also features partnerships with prominent local destinations like Durham Cathedral, Ushaw, The Bowes Museum, and various esteemed hotels. These collaborations aim to provide visitors with a comprehensive and memorable experience of Durham’s heritage and hospitality. To assist in trip planning, Visit County Durham has created a dedicated section on its website, filled with inspiring content tailored to Consett’s audience. For more details and to start planning a unique Durham experience, visit

Visit County Durham – Durham County Council’s tourism service – has teamed up with partners across the visitor economy for the campaign to help showcase the variety in the county. This includes Locomotion, Raby Estates, The Auckland Project and Beamish, The Living Museum of the North.

Do Durham Differently Highlights for Consett Residents

  • Durham’s Unmissable Highlights: Discover must-see gardens, picnic spots, natural wonders, and breathtaking views around Durham.
  • Taste Durham: Explore award-winning restaurants, savour delicious local produce, and enjoy fantastic foodie events, perfect for the culinary enthusiast.

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