Staying in good shape doesn’t always mean having to spend over the odds. Expensive home exercise equipment and gym memberships aren’t prerequisites for good health.

In fact, many of the simplest things you can do to improve your body and mind are also the things that will drive down your spending. 

Let’s take a look at a few habits you can develop to benefit both your body and your finances.


If you’re able to cycle from place to place, then you won’t face the expense of keeping a car on the road. Cycling will allow you to work some zone-two training into your commute, and keep your heart and lungs in good condition. It’ll also throw open a whole world of outdoor fun and adventure.

You’ll obviously save on fuel if you’re cutting your mileage in the car. But you might also save on things like insurance by making the switch to car insurance that covers you for just one day

No alcohol

For many drinkers, it’s common to spend hundreds of pounds every month on alcohol. Giving up drinking, even for just a few nights a month, means saving a large amount of cash. Many of those who’ve given up alcohol report substantial and obvious benefits when it comes to focus and mental endurance. The evidence also suggests that giving up alcohol will reduce your risk of a whole range of morbidities, ranging from heart disease to cancer.

Alone time

If you’re in the company of other people all of the time, then you might feel added pressure to go out and spend more time with them. In many cases, this is a good idea: a healthy social life is a vital component of a healthy lifestyle more broadly. But in some cases, it’s a better idea to take a break.

Spending time alone can help us to reflect, and to think about our priorities. You might take the time to read a good book, or practice a musical instrument, or to do some equally fulfilling activity. This is a way of saying: don’t fill the time with screens and podcasts!


Everyone understands the benefits of a varied diet that leans heavily toward fruits and vegetables. But what might not be obvious is that a diet like this will also tend to save you money. Pre-prepared meals, takeaways, and meat in general tend to be more expensive than a home-cooked plant-based alternative.

This needn’t necessarily mean you have to go vegan to save money. But if you honestly review what you’ve eaten in the last month, you might find that there are instances where you’ve paid extra for the sake of convenience, and eaten much less healthily in the process. Review your diet, eliminate these meals, and learn to cook healthy alternatives. You’ll save money in the process.

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