Meet Bob Tridgett, Garden Designer - Consett in Focus
Meet Bob Tridgett, Garden Designer - Consett in Focus

Gardening has a long and connected history in this country for many centuries and so does Garden design. The North East’s own Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown designed some of the most famous gardens of the 18th Century, including Harewood House and Blenheim Palace.

Bob Tridgett lives and gardens near Rowley. He began his Garden design profession after seeing the BBC Gardener of the Year competition and mentioning “I could do better than that”. He was persuaded to apply and won the title in 2007, after quitting his pharmaceutical job he changed his career and has been designing gardens ever since.

Bob gets design commissions from all over the country, he had just had two from London when we visited, and although he obviously has to follow the clients wishes, he always tries to incorporate his ideas into the final design.

Bob’s own garden illustrates how plants can be integrated in the existing landscape. Parts of it are along the sides of a stream and he has turned the area into a very natural looking woodland even though some of the plants are not native to the UK. He has also transformed other areas into grassland, rockeries and scree gardens.

Images and story supplied by Chris Bruce, Consett in Focus

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