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‘Consett in Focus’ Nurturing the Land: A Dairy Farmer’s Tale

By George Ledger and Chris Bruce In the lush landscapes of the Derwent Valley, Graham Willey embodies the spirit of traditional farming, tending to his...

Guardians of Feline Hope: Consett Cat Rescue

Within Consett's bounds, a safe place lies,Where cats are treasured like starlit skies.Consett Cat Rescue's tender care,Gives homeless cats a life to share. https://youtu.be/nGcqa6pr3HY?si=5y0hlEFzYBKTLV_4 They cradle...

Calling All Canine Heroes: How Your Dog Can Save Lives with...

Is your dog a potential lifesaver? Pet Blood Bank UK is reaching out to dogs in Consett, asking them to step forward as blood...

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