It’s July and gardens are full of colour. There is still plenty to do, but don’t forget to sit down and enjoy them during the long summer evenings.July Gardening Tips

Remember to take care when working outdoors in the sun for long periods. Make sure you have plenty to drink and take regular breaks. Plants also need to be protected from the heat, ensure they get the water they need, in particular hanging baskets and bedding plants as well as trees and shrubs planted during the Autumn and Winter. The best time to water plants is early in the morning or evening when it is cooler.

Early flowering shrubs such as, philadelphus and weigela should be pruned into shape as their flowers fade if this was not done last month.

Roses can be deadheaded to lengthen their display or prune back to a bud in a leaf axil to encourage new growth and prolong the display from July into the Autumn.

New growth on Wisteria should be cut back this month to within five or six buds of the main stems.

Throughout July rim conifer hedges to keep them under control and encourage a strong thick growth.

Keep removing weeds from beds and borders to stop them going to seed.

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