PBVH_newlogo-smallBy Dr Jacqui Molyneux
Prince Bishop Veterinary Hospital

One of the questions I get asked often is whether someone should have their bitch spayed (or neutered). If owners wish to have a litter of puppies the answer is obviously ‘no’ but nobody should underestimate the work involved in this, and, contrary to the old wives tales, it is not necessary for the bitch. There are good reasons for spaying, apart from avoiding the obvious mess and dogs hanging around the doorstep every 6 months. Bitches who are spayed before their first season (and that is what we recommend) very rarely suffer from mammary cancer in later life and never have ovarian or womb cancer, or the relatively common womb infections. They also never suffer the misery of false pregnancy which makes some bitches very miserable twice a year.

Overall I think there are compelling reasons to have this done – for more see:


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