Angiostrongylus vasorum (also known as canine lungworm) has become a widespread problem in the dog population across the UK in recent years. Dogs become infected when they ingest slugs or snails, and potentially if they ingest their slime too.

Lungworm infections can result in a number of dierent (and often vague) clinical signs including coughing, changes in behaviour, seizures, lethargy, unexplained bleeding and anaemia. After examining you pet, there are several ways in which your vet can diagnose lungworm, including a patient-side blood test and a faecal test. Unfortunately, lungworm can be fatal so preventing infection in the first place is far better than curing an already infected dog.

There are several products available that will protect your pet from lungworm, all of which must be given monthly. A vet or nurse at your local practice would be able to speak
to you about all the options available to keep your pet safe from lungworm as well as all other internal and external parasites.

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