Healthy and shiny hair is one of our main assets when it comes to aesthetics. Looking good, in turn, is something we need to feel good about ourselves. When our hair starts thinning, we can grow anxious and start to lose our self-confidence.

Most often hair thinning and even baldness is a natural process, part of growing old. Men are more hit by baldness than women, Somehow it is considered rather normal for elderly gentlemen, while it can be much more of a problem for the ladies. Not everybody likes the idea of having to wear a wig.

Luckily, there are more natural alternatives, like Biofibre® baldness remedies, a modern hair restoration technique that is easy to perform and offers immediate visible results. The best part of it is that we are not talking about something invasive and dramatic like scalp transplants here.  All that is necessary to implant biofibres is a simple, light aesthetic surgery procedure.

How is the implant performed? The biocompatible artificial hair fibres are inserted one by one in the client’s scalp, under local anaesthesia. A set of specific implant instruments are used for this small operation. This is a day-hospital procedure so it does not imply any interruption of your normal social life.

The desired thickness of the hair is achieved in several sessions. A quantity between and 1500 single hair strains per session is advisable. After the implant, a period of “handling with care” is necessary, about 20-30 days, to allow the biocompatible fibres to reach a complete adhesion. After that, a new session can be performed in the same area if more density is desired. The waiting period for a new implant in a new area is shorter, only 1-2 weeks.

Implanting biocompatible artificial hair fibres is a safe outpatient technique, suitable for most individuals, male or female, of all age groups. There are only a few necessary prerequisites if you want to solve your hair thinning problem with this modern technique:

  • your overall health must be good and your scalp healthy;
  • your reaction to a specific biofibre tolerance test must be positive;
  • you need to follow proper scalp hygiene and aftercare indications;
  • you must be aware that long-term some small implants will be necessary to replace lost hair and maintain the good aesthetic results.

All in all, a small commitment that is well worth the satisfaction of seeing immediate results after the implant session.

The best part is that you get to choose all the details. The biocompatible fibres are available in all colours and styles (straight, wavy, curly, afro). Length can be anything between 15 and 45 cm. The fibres are natural-looking and indistinguishable from your natural hair.

This type of artificial hair implant is a medical device approved by CE 0373 certification.  A safe technique performed by specialized medical staff. So, no need for worries: you will be in the right hands and regain your lost satisfaction for your appearance in a flash.

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