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Paint the Town! Consett Town Centre Campaign

Paint the Town! Consett Town Centre Campaign

If you’ve taken a walk around Consett town centre recently you may have noticed an unusual splash of colour on the back of one of Consett’s shops.

Steel Town Music enlisted the help of local artist Glenn Malpass to brighten up the back of an otherwise drab exterior wall. Matt from Steel Town said “We just wanted to do something different with the building… we just had the idea and did it… we didn’t expect that so many people would stop and take pictures… it’s really brought a smile to so many people”

Town centres and high streets across the UK have seen a dramatic decline in business over the last decade as more people are shopping online or visiting retail parks to buy from national chains.To compete, small businesses have to create something unique, Steel Town Music hopes it’s vibrant artwork will attract people back into the town centre and inspire other Consett businesses to #paintthetown.

If you’d like to get involved in the Paint The Town campaign then head over to Facebook and search for: Paint the Town – Consett.

It is hoped other businesses and building owners will allow local artists, schools, and community groups to use their bland brick walls to promote creativity in Consett. It could also spruce up the area to attract more people back into the centre to shop, eat, and do business. We think it’s a win-win opportunity for the town’s people and it’s small business owners.


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