Phil Younger, a resident of our community, has recently created a new wood near The Dene, Medomsley, by planting over 1,200 trees. The project was supported by community groups and school children, and the new wood will not only enhance the beauty of our community but also provide several environmental benefits. Phil’s planting technique ensured that the trees were properly established, and the wood will serve as a natural habitat for wildlife, reduce carbon dioxide, and provide oxygen.


Before planting the trees, Phil screefed the ground to eliminate immediate competition from surrounding vegetation and ensure that each tree was placed in good mineral soil. This was a crucial step in ensuring the long-term health and growth of the trees. Phil then employed a planting technique that allowed the root systems of the trees to spread evenly and ensured their stability and growth in the future. Each tree was carefully placed into a planting hole or notch that was formed in the shape of a “T.” This planting technique allowed for the well-developed root system of the trees to spread more evenly, ensuring their stability and growth in the future.

Naming the new Woodland

The new wood, named “Younger Wood” by the community, will offer several environmental benefits as the trees mature. It will reduce air pollution, offer cooler temperatures, and provide increased wildlife habitats. The wood will also serve as a natural space for our community to connect with nature and enjoy its beauty.

Phil’s hard work and dedication to planting over 1,200 trees in our community have resulted in the creation of a natural asset that will benefit our community and the environment for years to come. The community is heavily supporting the naming of the wood as “Younger Wood” on social media, and a petition is being submitted to the authorities for this to be made official.

Phil’s initiative to plant 1,200 trees and create a new wood is an inspiring example of how we can contribute to maintaining the balance of our ecosystem. The new wood will not only provide several environmental benefits but also offer a natural space for the community to enjoy. The naming of the wood as “Younger Wood” represents the community’s appreciation for Phil’s hard work and dedication to this project.

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