The living room is one of the most important rooms in your house, as it is the spot where you get to relax and unwind.

There are different kinds of designs all over the world, but in a general sense, it is a comfortable area where people gather together. It’s not just for the family, as anytime you have guests over, you’ll likely invite them to sit and have a chat in the living room.

Generally, the room contains furniture such as a sofa, chairs, coffee tables, a television, bookshelves and rugs. But that’s only the bare minimum. You can make many design choices to improve how your space looks and add your personal touch to the design. Here are some of the changes you should consider when searching for a new look.

Improve the seating 

Since the living room is a place of relaxation, you want to guarantee the seating is excellent. Choose a performance fabric sofa that is stain resistant and durable. There are few things as annoying as having to have to scrub things over and over again after spilling or dropping something on them. Sometimes, the stains might not come off, and you’ll have to change the covers or get a new furniture piece to replace the damaged one. Performance fabrics eliminate this risk and can be used on all household items, including furniture.

They are typically made out of a blend of both synthetic and natural fabrics. They also won’t become worn out and start looking shabby after just a few months, meaning they’re also cost-effective. Since they last longer, you won’t have to replace them constantly. The fabric won’t lose shape, shrink or become discolored after washing and is generally easy to clean and maintain. There are many fabrics out there right now that require specialized care, such as dry cleaning, but performance fabric does well with nothing more than a cold rinse.

You can add a nap bench to your sitting room. Not only is it a functional piece that makes afternoon lounging much more comfortable, but it can also create a chic décor. Look for something made of rattan with bolster cushions for an eclectic look.

Accent paint 

The way in which your room is painted is fundamental and can truly change the entire atmosphere of your room. However, if you don’t want to change the coloring of your room or feel like it would be too much of a change, you can try to add accent paint. The supplementary shades are used to complement the other tones in the room and enhance the existing color scheme. You can also use this technique to liven up a space, make it feel roomier or cozier. It all depends on the colors you choose.

Navy blue or dark green are popular choices, adding style and depth to any room. Make sure you focus on just one of the walls, ideally, the one that sits by the window, for a better effect. If there’s a bookshelf nearby, you can also coordinate the covers of the volumes with the wall to magnify the chromatic impact. Don’t be afraid to choose bold furniture items even if you have a wall in the room that’s not painted in the traditional white. Greenish yellow, lime green, orange and yellow all go perfectly with the darker tones and will provide a pleasant contrast.

Think displays 

Vintage items are becoming more popular, and not just when it comes to clothing. Vintage furniture and antiques can add a lot of personality to a room in a way that contemporary pieces won’t ever be able to. If you have any old items you received as family heirlooms, don’t be quick to discard them. Instead, you can repurpose and integrate them into your own home design.

If you have old books, you should also create a display with them. Just like in the case of vintage furnishings, these volumes can make any room feel more personal. They’re also helpful when adding layers to the furniture. For the best results, arrange the books on open shelving so they can act as the pièce de résistance of your décor. Vinyl record players can add to a room’s overall look as well.

They look particularly well on the backdrop of minimalist rooms that nevertheless incorporate many different textures. You can also use shelving in the sitting area to showcase your record collection.

Sunny views 

Letting sunlight indoors has several different advantages. It helps lift your moods, improves concentration, regulates your circadian rhythm and reduces the need for artificial lights, which means you can save up on your power bill. If you want to add a sunroom-like quality to your lounge, you’ll need large windows first and foremost. Adding skylights can also help, allowing even more light to seep through. You’ll be able to create the perfect relaxation spot for reading or napping, and it could also serve as a great place to grow houseplants.

If that’s too much, you can take the more straightforward route of enhancing the backyard view. You can swap one of the walls for glass windows and doors. Adding curtains to the ensemble is good from a practical standpoint, as it protects your privacy, but it is also a stylistic choice since it adds an extra layer of coziness to the sleek ensemble.

Extra features 

You could add several other features to your living room to enhance the look. Some of them include:

  • A conversation pit: Particularly popular from the 50s to the 70s in North America and Europe, this architectural feature has seating placed into a lowered flooring section. There’s usually a table at the center as well, and it’s an ideal spot for dinner parties, playing tabletop games, and, of course, having casual conversations.
  • Rugs: Using a carpet protects floors from damage, anchors furniture, reduces noise, and warms up the space. It also adds to a room’s design.
  • Sliding doors: If you’re a fan of designs that appear to have a seamless flow from the outdoors to the indoors, there’s nothing better than sliding doors. They can also be safer than regular doors.

When it comes to redesigning your living room, there’s a lot you should take into account. That’s why making a plan before you get to work is essential. Outlining the project will help you prioritize the more challenging activities first and foremost and ensure you use your resources wisely.

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