North Durham Academy’s Year 9 Eco Ambassadors are igniting change through their dedication to the North Durham Academy Community Wellbeing Garden. Supported by Building Self-Belief CIO, these students have cultivated a space that embodies wellbeing and biodiversity, fostering a greener future for Stanley.

Guided by their passion, the students researched, planned, and actively participated in crafting the garden. Their enthusiasm for the interactive program was palpable, with one student sharing how they enjoyed being part of the decision-making process.

The Eco Ambassadors designed a welcoming haven for the community and nature. Fruit trees, herbs, bug hotels, bee-friendly plants, and a seating area were thoughtfully included in their plans. Collaborating with local Landscape Gardener Mark Cookson, a remarkable final plan was realised.

Hands-on experiences such as tree-planting and creating perennial plant beds enriched their knowledge. Students learned the significance of water in nurturing trees and prepared eight low-maintenance beds for plants. The garden’s care now falls to the Eco Ambassadors through a
rotating roster.

Local volunteers joined the initiative, dedicating time to digging, planting trees, and crafting planters. Maria Elsy led a day of tree planting, fostering a strong community spirit. Upcycled tires became colourful planters, and bug hotels welcomed critters. Lavender and wildflowers were added, beckoning bees to the garden.

Stacey Dobson of Karbon Homes praised the students’ inspirational efforts, while the DWF Foundation celebrated their dedication. Building Self-Belief CIO expressed gratitude to its supporters and North Durham Academy staff, notably Bethany Robson.

North Durham Academy’s Community Wellbeing Garden symbolises unity, innovation, and a commitment to a greener tomorrow. It exemplifies the school’s mission of empowering youth to shape an environmentally conscious future.

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