Greetings to Consett!

As the golden hues of November grace our town, we continue our commitment to sharing the vibrant tapestry of Consett and its surrounding locales.

Turn to Page 5 and allow Lorraine to steer you down the winding roads of her past in “Life is a Highway”, where each car tells a story, each turn reminisces a memory.

Consett in Focus” on Page 6 is a visual treat, capturing snippets of life from the energetic PE/Yoga sessions at Castleside Primary School to the thrills of Kandoo Bounce and the vibrant ‘Monday Night Volleyball’ community gatherings.

Castleside, Consett, Co. Durham, ENGLAND – 30th June 2023: Consett in Focus (CiF) project – Consett@Play, Castleside Primary School Yoga / PE Lessons, Castleside, Consett, Co. Durham, ENGLAND (Photo by George Ledger Photography)

Page 10 and 11 cast a spotlight on the transformative educational advancement happening right here. New College Durham proudly introduces T.H.E. Hub (Technical and Higher Education Hub) – an £8.9 million cutting-edge educational facility that promises to shape the future with higher and technical level skills qualifications.

Dog owners should not miss Page 13. Prince Bishop Vets shed light on the oft-misunderstood ailment – kennel cough, offering wisdom on its prevention and care.

Venture with us to the realm of history on Pages 14. The iconic St Andrew’s Church & Hopper Mausoleum stands proudly just a brief drive from Consett, offering both unparalleled views of North East England and a deep dive into our region’s rich past.

Theatre aficionados, Page 15 awaits. Embark on a delightful journey with Dick as he navigates the streets of Consett, filled with dreams, mischief, and unexpected adventures. Mark your calendars for November 25th, 26th, and December 2nd, 3rd. A tale of laughter, challenges, and hope awaits.

Once more, we’re honoured to bring Consett’s narratives and nuances to you.

Engage with us, and let’s weave the town’s stories together – send your content to or visit to submit content via our online form.

Warmest regards,
Barry Kirkham,
Marco Elsy and everyone who makes
Consett Magazine possible every month.

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