Business leadership is not a simple endeavour. Business owners are often stuck between several rocks and hard places, from ever-shifting market landscapes to the crushing atmospheric pressure of harsh economic environments.

Throughout times both good and bad, though, there are four essential things that a business must get right in order to succeed. What are they, and how can you address them?

Customer Service

The customer is a central factor of any business’ success; profits and longevity together hinge on the popularity of a business offering with its audience. This does not just refer to marketing or initial sales, though; businesses need to be approachable throughout the customer’s journey with them, and on an ongoing basis.

This is why customer service is such a vital thing for businesses to get right. Failure to keep customers on board in answering queries or replacing faulty products will only drive them to competitors, whittling away your market share in the process. Conversely, positive customer service experiences inspire word-of-mouth testimonials and a growing market share.


But not all attention should be outward-looking when concerning yourself with business development. Indeed, practically all of any business’ success can be attributed to the hard work of the staff behind the scenes – staff which, if not treated correctly, can also spell a business’ doom.

Staff comfort is indelibly linked to productivity, while a positive company culture does a great deal for the hiring of talented staff and the reputation of a business in its industry. A business’ HR system is a crucial component to facilitating positive company culture, with certain systems being full-stack solutions for every internal issue from onboarding to training and management of sick time.


Your business’ branding says a great deal about your mission and ethos, whether you mean for it to or not. This is why paying close attention to your brand presence is essential with regard to customer onboarding and wider reputation. An updated logo is a clear demonstration of your business’ value and stature, while forward-thinking graphic design on physical media and your website can make you much more approachable in general.

The Product

Last but certainly not least, we have the purpose of your business efforts: the product itself. It can be easy for established businesses to rest on their laurels with regard to their offering, particularly if they have enjoyed a sustained level of demand for the product since launch. However failure to acknowledge the market as a shifting entity can lead to failure against competitors.

Your product needs to remain competitive in terms of features, price, accessibility and aesthetics. This means re-engaging with it in relation to changing customer priorities, or new metrics relating to competitor models. It may be that a slight redesign is all you need to stay on top, where failure to make smaller changes can lead to bigger failures later on.

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