A recent survey commissioned by Slimming World exposes the impact of ‘Food FOMO’ on weight loss efforts, revealing that nearly half of UK adults (49%) have delayed attempts to shed pounds due to the fear of missing out on their favourite foods and social events.

The study, conducted by Censuswide, highlights the top foods causing this reluctance, with chocolate (29%), takeaways (24%), fish and chips (21%), and fry-ups (18%) leading the list.

Interestingly, the survey found that pleasure derived from food is a significant factor, as 77% of respondents find joy in consuming their favourite dishes. For many, the emotional connection to food runs deep, with 31% feeling loved when eating food prepared by others, 64% savouring the taste, and 41% associating food with nostalgic memories.

Dr. Amanda Avery, health and research consultant dietitian at Slimming World, acknowledges the challenge, stating, “Food FOMO is a very real factor for many of us when it comes to losing weight.” She emphasises the need for support to navigate ingrained habits and motivates individuals to alter their relationship with food.

The survey also sheds light on women’s weight loss priorities, revealing that 42% prioritise living a healthier lifestyle, 33% focus on enjoying the foods they love, 30% want to feel full and satisfied, and 16% aim to maintain social connections.

Slimming World’s approach, combining mindset transformation with the ‘Food Optimising’ plan, empowers members to create healthy versions of beloved dishes. The study includes testimonials from successful members, like Paul and Karin Collins, who have lost nearly 10 stones collectively while still enjoying their favourite meals.

In agreement with the survey findings, the couple emphasises that Slimming World allows them to savour familiar foods in healthier ways. Dr. Avery encourages individuals to join a supportive community to reshape their perspective on food and activity.

In a statement, Professor James Stubbs from the University of Leeds reinforces the idea that our relationship with food is complex, extending beyond mere hunger. He suggests understanding individual relationships with food is crucial for achieving a healthy diet and weight.

Dawn Ferguson, the couples Consultant says

“I’m so proud of what Paul and Karin have achieved. They are such an inspiration to others. So many people believe that a ‘diet’ automatically means missing out. I love it when members join our groups and realise you really don’t have to miss out to lose weight with Slimming World”

To find local Slimming World groups, visit www.slimmingworld.co.uk

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