Why You Should Install a GPS Tracker on Your Vehicle

The latest statistics from the British Government show that at least 35% of households in the UK own at least one car.

If you own a car, you might not be pleased to learn that vehicle thefts have remained relatively high in the last few years, with over 130,000 cars stolen in 2023 alone. This means anyone who owns a vehicle should take measures to protect theirs from theft and other incidents. 

GPS technology has matured to where owners can install GPS tracking systems with sophisticated monitoring capabilities. If you have not installed one in your car, here’s a look at what they are and why you should consider getting one.

Understanding GPS Trackers

A GPS tracker, also known as a vehicle tracker, is a device that plugs into your vehicle and gives you access to its location in real time. These devices use GPS to work out where a specific car is in the world. 

GPS tracking software also uploads data to a server and synchronises with your tablet or phone so you can access this data as long as you have the right credentials. Because of how accurate they are, these devices have been a lifesaver for many individuals and businesses.

Understanding what they are, let’s see why you should install one on your vehicle.

GPS Trackers Make Vehicle Recovery Easier

Every vehicle owner wants the peace of mind of knowing their vehicle is safe and will not be stolen. If it is, they want it recovered as soon as possible. Cars are expensive, so replacing one might not be an option for you right now, and dealing with insurance can be a huge headache. And that is if the car insurance provides cover for theft.

Instead of all this hassle., you can install one of the GPS tracking systems from Rewire Security and always know where your vehicle is. In addition to real-time location monitoring, you also get geofencing features.


Another reason people use GPS tracking for vehicles is the system’s geofencing features. A geofence is a virtual perimeter set by software that sets an area where it cannot leave.

Most people typically park their cars at home or work. You can use a GPS tracking system to set a geofence around either. When you do, the system will notify you if the vehicle leaves that area, and you can start tracking it immediately. 

Doing this increases the chances of recovering a stolen vehicle because you will start looking for it sooner and before it disappears completely.

Protect Your Teenagers From Themselves

People as young as 16 can start driving in the UK if they get or apply for the enhanced rate of the mobility component of PPI (Personal Independence Payment).  However, most people are only allowed to start driving at 17. 

Any parent knows teenagers want to take advantage of any privilege their parents give them, including the option to drive alone. Parents who are worried their teenagers will take their vehicles for a ride around town without their permission can install a GPS tracker to monitor the car’s movement.

While it can seem like an intrusion of privacy or you do not trust them, sometimes teenagers need to be protected from themselves. Parents should know what their teens are up to, especially considering they are typically reckless drivers and are more likely to drive dangerously.

Get Help When You Are Stranded

GPS trackers use satellites to pinpoint your exact location. This functionality means they can tell you wherever you are no matter how remote your location is. The benefit is that you can use your GPS tracking system to get help when stranded in an unknown place. 

You can use the information it provides to direct police and emergency workers to your exact location, which could potentially save your life or that of someone else.

GPS tracking systems save you a lot of time because you will not have to look for landmarks or waste time explaining where you are.

You Get Low Fuel Alerts

If you run out of fuel, it is a situation that can quickly get out of hand if you are stranded in the middle of nowhere.

The best GPS tracking systems provide low fuel alerts to tell you when to fuel your vehicle. They also provide alerts for your fuel consumption and sometimes suggestions that help avoid fuel wastage. 

Apart from saving you from getting into bad situations, these systems can save you money by helping you reduce free wastage and loss.

GPS tracking systems have become so sophisticated that they do a lot more than tell you where your vehicle is. Additional alerts and functionality can save you from getting into difficult situations, such as being stuck in unknown places. They can also let you know who is using your vehicle, help with recovery, and help you keep an eye on new teen drivers.

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