May Gardening Tips

May is one of the best months of the year to be in the garden. Plenty of new growth and the promise of summer on its way. This is a busy month with much to do to ensureMay gardening tips your garden looks its best. This can be a month of wildly fluctuating temperatures and frosts are still possible up to the end of the month, so beware. Here are some May gardening tips to help you out.

  • After the difficult Winter and Spring, lawns will benefit from some TLC. Apply a weed & feed treatment to encourage healthy growth and improve drainage by raking out moss and aerating with a fork.
  • Spring bedding should be cleared out as flowers fade and planting of Summer bedding should be delayed until the risk of frost has passed.
  • Continue to deadhead Spring flowering bulbs as flowers fade but leave the foliage for a few weeks so that the bulbs get more goodness for next year.
  • Early flowering shrubs such as forsythia and ribes should be pruned into shape as their flowers fade to ensure a good show of flowers next year.
  • For a great display of berries this Autumn, this is the time to prune pyracanthas which have been trained against a wall or fence.
  • If trimming hedges remember to check for nesting birds and delay pruning if necessary.
  • Regular hoeing will help keep weeds down and beds and borders tidy.

Hopefully these May gardening tips will be enough to help you get your little patch of garden looking fantastic.


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