June is the start of summer and an opportunity to relax and enjoy your garden. Lawns lush and green and beds and borders full of colour.June Gardening Tips

The possibility of dry spells are increasing so a mulch around shrubs and spiking your lawn will ensure that as much as possible of the rain that falls, stays where it will do the most good.

As with hanging baskets, summer bedding, once planted, should be watered regularly to ensure it doesn’t dry out.

Continue to deadhead flowering bulbs as flowers fade but leave the foliage to die back naturally to ensure a good show next year.

Mature deciduous shrubs such as deutzia, philadelphus and weigela should be pruned into shape as their flowers fade. First remove any dead, diseased or damaged growth and then remove a number of older stems at the base to encourage strong new growth.

Faded flowers can be removed from rhododendrons, camellias and lilacs. This encourages strong new growth as the shrubs energy is diverted from developing seeds.

June is the best time to hard prune overgrown lilac. Cut growth down to around 45cm from the base to encourage lots of new growth and give a much bushier and better shaped shrub.

If trimming hedges remember to check for nesting birds and delay pruning if necessary.

Remember to regularly remove weeds from beds and borders to stop them going to seed.

For more information please check out our Monthly Garden Planner at www.briary.co.uk

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