Geraldine’s café is situated on Victoria Road in Consett, directly opposite St. Patrick’s Church. Café experienceGeraldine’s offers food with tea and coffee in a pleasant café environment and is highly regarded by a growing number of customers.

Before the smoking ban came into force, it was permitted to smoke inside places of work. You may recall cafés being particularly affected as all customers dined in a smoke filled environment. When the smoking ban came into force, smaller coffee shop and food businesses, often referred to as ‘Greasy Spoons’ instantly became more appealing to a wide range of customers.

Writing this short review I researched the term ‘Greasy Spoon’ and found it to mean a small establishment serving fried food. It is part of British culture, although I tend to use the term in an affectionate way, I would not wish to imply anything negative about Geraldine’s as it is clean, tidy and well-presented.

You will notice that Geraldine’s has earned the loyalty from many regular customers by providing a good service every day. This delivers a community feel where customers get to know one another and visit regularly. It is not unusual to find myself waving and greeting a number of familiar faces because they were there the last time I visited.

Walking through Consett I note with dismay a number of empty shop units. I hope that businesses snap up the opportunity to let the units with shop frontage. Cafés like Geraldine’s keep the soul of the traditional high street alive and we should support them to ensure they remain in business and available to us as local customers. You can be reassured that you are guaranteed good food, a warm welcome and I am sure you will return again.

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