Living in Consett - Shotley BridgeHaving lived in Consett for most of my life I can safely say this is my home town.

Consett is a great place to grow up, work and live.

Some of the benefits of living in Consett include the variety of town and country in the surrounding hills and valleys.

The countryside all around Consett is mostly picturesque and can provide some exhilarating places to walk the dog, cycle or simply explore the country.

Some of the most popular places to walk and ramble include the Derwent Walk, The Waskerley Way, The Derwent Reservior, and along The River Derwent.

Everyone has their favourite places to explore the country and many people can seen walking through the country most days.

The weather can be troublesome for getting out and about in Consett, but lets face it that is nothing exclusive to just Consett, apart from perhaps the the bad snow and ice we get during the Winter.

Taking to the country on a bike is very easy in and around Consett.

The Derwent Walk is great place to cycle and enjoy the fresh air. The good thing about the Derwent Walk is the fact that it feels quite flat and is simple to ride for anyone looking for a simple local cycle route.

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