Sam Lavery Wows X Factor with Tune Dedicated to Dad

Sam Lavery Wows X Factor with Tune Dedicated to Dad
ITV’s X Factor

Last night on the X Factor, County Durham’s Sam Lavery impressed the judges again, this time with her powerful version of the Girls Aloud smash I’ll Stand by You.

Sam had originally intended to sing a different song, but changed her mind after speaking to former X Factor finalist Rebecca Ferguson. When Sam said she wasn’t sure about the song she had selected, Becs told her, “When it comes to song choices, just always trust your gut instinct”

Sam said, “I don’t feel it and I know that’s not right. I want to sing I’ll Stand by You for my dad.”

“I’ve come from a small village to doing this. He feels like he’s lost his little girl and I’ve grown up. So it’s just saying that I’m always gonna be here.”

Becoming emotional, Sam added,

“He does so much for me and he always has. I know how much he believes in me and I know how much he loves me. I wouldn’t be able to be doing this without him.”

Sam’s version of I’ll Stand by You, which was originally sung by the Pretenders, generally impressed the judges. Louis Walsh said, “You work harder every day; you’re consistent. This song so suited you. I think this was one of your best performances.”

Sharon Osbourne said,

“I love your voice and the natural break you have. I think it is sexy and smoky. I love it. You did great.”

Sam’s mentor Simon Cowell praised her, saying, “I think it is important to care and connect with a song rather than just singing a song that doesn’t actually mean anything. This actually meant something – it’s called emotion.”

Only ex-Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger had reservations. To a chorus of boos from the audience, Nicole said, “I personally don’t know if that was was the right song choice. You are only 17-years-old. This slower, more ballady type stuff is dating and aging you. I would have liked you to make it more edgy and raw.”

But Nicole did add that she liked the heart Sam put into the tune.

Sam is from the County Durham village of Coxhoe. The village seems 100% behind her, with banners and posters on shops, houses and pubs encouraging people to vote for Sam. The Parish Council has printed hundreds of flyers urging people to support Sam Lavery.

Last week, Sam made a surprise visit home, popping in on her mam Tracey while she was at work in Tescos. Tracey used the shop’s Tannoy system to urge people to vote for her daughter and one of Tracey’s colleagues asked Sam if she could get Simon Cowell’s autograph.

Tracey told Sam,

“Ever since you’ve been a little girl, all you’ve wanted to do was sing. I’m so proud of you. I’m lucky that I’ve got you pursuing your dreams and doing everything you’ve ever dreamed of.”

Sam’s Dad Jimmy added, “All I’ve ever asked you to do was to do your best. All right, good lass, I love you.”

To vote for Sam, call 090 20505102 from your landline or 6505102 from your mobile, or download the X Factor app and use your five free votes.


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