Preparing Your Garden For Spring and Summer: 5 Must-Have Gardening Tools

Spring Gardening Tools
Spring at my home garden by Ron Frazier

Whenever Spring draws near, it is crucial to cultivate our gardens and prepare them for the season.

There is every tendency to go overboard when buying gardening tools.

Truthfully, so many of these tools will occupy too much space and cost a lot of money. Therefore the need to buy all the essential tools which will keep your shed from unnecessary overcrowding becomes crucially important.

There will always be some better tool of course, but staying within budget is just as important.

While the right plants on your garden might, of course, be overly important, a great garden yet requires an extent of preparation and maintenance.

Ideally, some methods are recommended including pre-planting in the spring. Some of these are getting your shed in order, clearing out the weeds, pruning, preparing the soil, setting up new planters and garden beds, dividing perennials, and early planting.

Generally, there are many categories of garden supplies, ranging from plant supports to watering and irrigation, season extenders, garden seats and kneelers, footwear & clothing, planting accessories, and fertilisers.

Some tools are of course essential, and it makes no sense when you allow a lack of these tools or their know-how to discourage you from growing your flowers, vegetables and fruits.

If you have decided to start your garden in preparation for spring or you have a dream of growing your own food, but you don’t have all the necessary gardening tools at home, check out the following must-have tools, which we recommend as the ones that can give you a strong start.

1. Hand Trowel

This is a must-have for you as it is used for varieties of gardening tasks, and daily. It is necessarily used for breaking up soil clumps, transplanting seedlings, digging up weeds, and small holes, etc. Most often than not, container-only and large-scale gardeners use a trowel every day. We would suggest you go for one with a solid metal blade, and a strong wooden handle.

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2. Pruning Shears

Pruning Shears

To harvest fresh produce and cut back berry bushes, it is not strange that you will have to get a set of strong pruning shears. Besides, it gives your garden a clean cut and can let you do some interesting snip at the node of the plant. Immediately your garden has matured, you can get other loppers that have different designs and are much wider.

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3. Hose/Watering Can

For people who put their plants directly in the ground, you might want to get a hose. But ensure it is long enough to reach your garden. Moreover, you can add a sprayer attachment to control water flow and its pressure. On the other hand, if you are some container gardener, a watering can do. Get a lightweight one which you can still carry when full. And to get the best results, water your plants early in the morning, and not midday or evening lest you experience quick evaporation and waterlogged soil respectively.

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4. Garden Rake

Rakes are typically made of metal. They have uniform tines that let you create very smooth level soil and remove unwanted weeds. Get a rake instead of a hoe if you are cultivating overgrown land, and tough garden. This lets you chop and clear uneven spaces much better.

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5. Angled Shovel

A shovel seems like a direct word, but there are many options on the market. An angled shovel makes you able to dig holes, relocate plants and move soil.

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Featured Image by Ron Frazier : Courtesy of Flickr & Creative Commons

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