Covid-19 and social distancing measures have brought in huge overnight changes to shopping behaviors. From buying in bulk to online shopping, people have drastically changed what they’re buying, when they are buying, and how they buy.

Beginning in March 2020, local media company Firefly New Media UK say they have noticed an increase in requests for eCommerce website solutions.

The truth is, online shopping isn’t something that’s new or particularly exciting to the majority of people. The only difference now with the Covid-19 pandemic, is the obvious need for more businesses to embrace selling online. – Barry Kirkham at Firefly New Media UK

For the majority of small business owners who have not yet launched their website or simply have not given much attention to their online presence in the past, now is the best time to start looking at options for selling online.

Essentially you’re futureproofing your business as more consumers move to online shopping.

Most frequently asked questions about selling online:

  • How do I get started selling online?
  • How do I manage my product inventory and stock?
  • How do I accept payment via credit or debit card online?
  • How do I offer postage options on my site?
  • How can I use digital marketing to increase sales?
  • Do you provide technical support for selling online?

If you’d like to arrange a meeting with the Firefly team to discuss how you can begin selling online, call 01207 438292 or visit:

Since the lockdown, Firefly have been discussing eCommerce projects via video meetings with clients around the world. All questions above have variable answers depending on your business situation.




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